Wiggle Me This & Wiggle Me That!


My thoughts can be wiggly at times and I believe everyone’s can be. Some have more knowledge or control over them and some don’t. The people that do have control, have learned how to manage that control. You see the universe offer’s information to people, through other’s that seek how to improve their life. These individuals are firm believers of what they have learned or read into and practice that on a daily basis. They then share this powerful knowledge because they want to help other’s improve too. It may be spiritual, it may be science but what ever you think it is, it is a powerful source that can only and dramatically enhance your wiggly thoughts.

I am not a preacher or a scientist either. I do, however, as imperfect as I am, read the bible, seek spiritual advice, read motivational and inspirational books that are up lifting so that I can apply, what has already been proven to be life changing, to my life. It is up to you to open your mind to what is shared – it is up to you to believe that what they teach and do can actually help improve your life, by practicing the very same things that they do. It does take practice and for many sometimes something must occur in their life for them to actually believe it will help. Even then, many don’t believe it can help and continue to live life as if they have no control of what they allow to wiggle in and wiggle out of their minds. Your attitude is part of your mind, brain and thoughts and it lays deep inside of you – when you allow that to wiggle out – what ever it is – that is what you release to the world. Remember what you release or what you give – is what you get, so they say, right?

WHERE TO START: I started with accepting that I needed help in certain areas of my life and that is where it all begins. Once you do that and apply what you learn where you need it, it will help you shape your true inner image. Once that takes place you learn how to manage and control what attitude you will have, what thoughts you will allow to wiggle out. We all say, no one can judge me, only God can do that – but yet – you allow the contrary to happen every day by allowing the negative thoughts, comments, and actions that are released by others form it’s own shape of who you are and at times dwell on it. As a result you are now shaped according to just that and continue to release it in return. Some just wiggle it out more often and openly than others and some in a indirect manner, either way it is being wiggled out and released to the universe. If that very same action or reaction is practiced with the positive energy, thoughts, comments, and actions it will work in the same way but with positive results. Bottom line is that when you expose yourself and surround yourself with a universe full of an energy that has no positive bearing on you, your attitude will remain the same and sometimes even worse. Sometimes this happens when you think you are around others whom appear to be positive too, only because we are not perfect, so we can’t always tell. You are then fooled and realize that you are being mocked and or used and this may also have a negative impact on you, depending on your inner strength. When that happens you need to deflect it so it doesn’t hurt who you really are, or who you are trying to both work on and become.

EXAMPLE: You see I was accused of being a selfish person, a negative person, too out spoken, bad attitude, evil and a bad friend. I almost believed it. I was beside myself for a while because I couldn’t even imagine to think that of myself, let alone believe that, that is what some of the people I spent a good amount of time with, thought of me. I was even mocked and still am at times too. Then I thought about it, but very quickly, I didn’t want to dwell on what they thought of me. I knew I was not any of the above. I then stated out load and clear – girl you’re not even remotely close to what they think and say about you. Through out your days you have given shelter to your friends and family, even took in a girl I didn’t know one time too – taken clothes of mine and my kids back for others, even if it has been my last dollar, I would give it up to someone that needs it more than I do – I typically don’t take sides when others have indifference’s – I try to stay neutral and I tell my family and friends like it is when they ask for advice ( and don’t ) maybe that’s the out spoken part – I am friendly everywhere I go ( and no I don’t wan’t to be friends with everyone, just socialize and be friendly) – I am not insecure – I am not jealous of other’s ( not even in secret ) – I definitely don’t steal or kill so how am I evil. I am not really a negative person either, though I have had some trying times where the test have led me to react in a negative way, but I always try to reflect on that and have worked on it. It is then when I realized and reminded myself of everything I had learned, practiced and preached to others and thought – Remember that the people that usually have nothing good to say are the ones that really have issues. You also have the ones that try to cherry coat what they really feel by using words that are less offensive and then they do the very same things that they are advising you not to do ( Hypocrites ). It is there own insecurities and they lash things out giving it very little thought or no thought at all, laughing in the inside, and hoping you react as they do. Even if it’s only when they are mocking you for all that you have been through and do to improve your life and to help others – whether it be family or friends or even for your community. My take on those negative actions that are taking place, is simply so that you are not a good or great person ( Just like the interruption on T.V when you are watching a good show, that says, THIS IS A TEST ) and you automatically stop and say oh man…the only difference is that now we are familiar with that test and we never no when to expect them in real life – and sometimes it’s just that the ones causing this energy wish they could be that good person and instead of trying to do the same, they hinder you from doing more and being noticed, though you are not seeking to be. Sometimes it’s just so that they are noticed someway or somehow and that way they too can be noticed for something rather than nothing ( like an ignorant child that doesn’t know any better – some attention is better than no attention ). We still teach them to do things differently and hope that it works, right! So I reflected on all I have been through which was hell and back or at least it felt like it was that – Here goes…I almost got a divorce – relocated to Florida – lost my older son ( the most traumatic thing that has happen to me ) after that, I lost my home – my car – my credit – had zero money until I started working again – lived in an apartment that ended up with roaches – moved again – and finally started to settle in, but wait, I filed for a divorce again – I actually had to go through multiple exams because the doctors believed I had breast cancer ( Cancer Free – Praise to God ) and just recently had the most scariest thing happen to me with my younger son – whom they believed had the same thing as my older son – an infected appendix ( He didn’t – Praise to God ). BUT GUESS WHAT?

EVIDENCE: I am still here LIVING and BREATHING! Practicing what I am sharing today and still releasing the best that I can to the world. I choose to deflect others that have little or no understanding of how powerful their thoughts and actions could affect another person. I chose to believe that though I have been through these test and trials I will keep my faith where it belongs and believing that GOD only gives those test to whom he knows can handle them – I will not forget that if he brings you to it – he will get you through it. I believe that the higher power and the sources he shares with us are very powerful – The energy between negative and positive is fine line and we must be very aware of that. Though I have tried to help others understand the difference between negative and positive thoughts and how powerful that energy is and to be mindful of what you wiggle out because of the affect it has on others – it doesn’t always work. I am living proof – When I worried, lost sight, and felt anxious or over reacted – I lost! Now I just continue wiggling out what I think is the best of me and for those that are in my life. Sometimes we will come across people that are set on their ways and that is okay, we can’t change everyone, we can only try. What we can change is what we release and how we take in what others release. Some may say it is selfish and that I have trust issues, I beg to differ, and if so, maybe my inner voice will tell me that is something else I need to work on. Maybe it’s more like not everyone can be trusted – or we need to be more mindful of whom we trust and expose ourselves to. I have been able to accomplish and regain so much by believing what I am sharing with you. I am also regaining everything I have lost but I will never be able to get over loosing my son and he can never be replaced either. What I can tell you is that there was a reason and I am learning that as the days go by. Lastly, if it doesn’t feel right – it isn’t. I don’t hate anyone, nope not me, I actually forgive those that hurt me and ask that they be forgiven too. I also just choose to do what is more important for me at the time – which is move along with my life, my attitude and the thoughts that my inner voice allows me to wiggle out.

ADVICE: Try to understand that time is valuable – use it wisely – use it in a meaningful way – we don’t get it back. Take care of you but always help others – surround yourself with good people and good energy – positive thoughts are a must – always think about what you are going to wiggle out – trust that everything happens for a reason – believe that when others hurt you, they are are hurting too and if you react, you failed the test. Remember that the world is full of trickery and many act like they are blind to it, just to fool you. We can only think that everyone and everything is good and that bad doesn’t exist but if that were the reality of things then, there would be no such thing as good and bad period – positive and negative – being useful or being used – humble or greedy – selfless or selfish and as such there would not be “GOD vs Devil” Let GOD and he will handle all matters in life – All will work itself out in time ( his time not our time ) Trust me I know! and please remember that what you wiggle out and chose to release will affect the world and ultimately you…

I want to end this by sharing this video that I watched on Facebook – I was truly captivated by it and immediately knew that I could use this to help explain something that I also wanted to share – That is the power of a positive thought – positive energy – small and good deeds – just how contagious positive energy can really be. I hope this helps your attitude today and always and of course that next thought you allow to wiggle on out!


Everyone Can’t Be In The Front Row


A question that I continue to ask myself daily after the many choices I made in my past years. You see, those choices had serious consequence in my life. Choice and consequence is something we all know, I hope… if you didn’t, you know now! It is very true, It is your choice – It is your consequence!

Though we always say, I am only human, we must take responsibility for our own actions. I say this, not because I don’t make mistake’s, because I do. I, however, have learned a long time ago to take responsibility for what I think, feel, say, and do. Trust me when I say that I have found my self in odd situations where I have had to face the moment of truth and though it may not have been easy, I do. It is the truth that will always bring a sense of relief. You can then reflect on that inner voice, that I will always mention. The voice that will release you and allow you to move forward. If you don’t do that, you may think you are moving along fine and dandy, but the truth is, you won’t. It will always be in the back row waiting it’s turn for the front row. When it comes around to the front row and it will, it won’t be nothing nice. It will only do what it has been long waiting for and the longer it waits the worse it will be. So, if you want good results, try to make good choices.

Here is a another NOTE I received a number of years ago from another special person – a NOTE that I also apply to my life. I must say that I am truly blessed to have these special people in my life. I appreciate that they know me well enough to think, Michelle will like this! I now want to share with all of you and hope that you both enjoy my message and apply it to your life, where it will only help improve, WHO SITS IN YOUR FRONT ROW!


Life is a theater – invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is spiritually healthy and mature enough to have a front row seat in our lives. There are some people in your life that need to be loved from a distance.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you let go, or at least minimize your time with draining negative, incompatible, not-going-anywhere relationships, friends, and fellowships…

Observe the relationships around you. Pay attention to: which ones life and which ones lean? Which ones encourage and which one discourage? Which ones are on a path of growth uphill and which ones are going downhill?

When you leave certain people, do feel better or feel worse? Which ones always have drama or don’t really understand, know and appreciate you and the gift that lies within you? When you seek growth, peace of mind, love and truth, the easier it will become for you to decide who gets to sit in the FRONT ROW and who should be moved to the balcony of your life.

You can not change people around you…but you can change the people you are around! Pray for Godly wisdom and discernment and choose wisely the people who sit in the FRONT ROW OF YOUR LIFE…

Remember to ask yourself daily – who is in my audience and who is in the FRONT ROW SEAT.

A Strong Women vs A Women of Strength

This was given to me by someone special back in 2008. I always refer to this NOTE. It is very inspiring and motivational. I want to now share it with the world. No matter what happens to us in life, it is all on how we handle it. Sometimes easier said than done, but I believe and know that it is all on how you think of yourself. If you can accept that you are worth everything and you can appreciate what life gives and takes from you, You will overcome the challenges and learn how to embrace everything in a positive way and move on with renewed STRENGTH!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do – and – I hope you apply this to your life as I do.

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape
but a woman of strength looks deep inside to keep her soul in shape…

A strong woman isn’t afraid of anything
but a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of her fear…

A strong woman won’t let anyone get the best of her
but a woman of strength gives the best of her to everyone…

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future
a woman of strength realizes life’s mistakes can also be blessings and capitalizes on them…

A strong woman walks sure footedly
but a woman of strength knows when to ask for help…

A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face
but a woman of strength wears grace…

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey
but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong…

~Author: Unknown~

Students Fundraising For The Future

This photo was captured in March of 2010 at the PYNE ARTS MAGNET School. These are the students that won the pizza party for raising the most pennies in their class room. The pizza was complements of Brothers pizza in Lowell – A pizza shop both my son Luis and I visited quite often. They were very generous and supported the foundation and understood the cause behind the fundraiser. They appreciated that someone they watched growing up was helping other children with scholarships for their future and donated 15 pizza’s to the winning class room’s. We had 3 levels so we needed to make we had enough for all of them. So many students eagerly participated in raising the pennies for the cause. We had 3 winning class rooms – but all the children tried very hard and were all recognized for their hard work and participation. They continue to participate each year, however, as a school. They have one container in the building that all the student’s and teacher’s drop their pennies from heaven in. There was so many that the principal thought it would be better for the school this way and all the students are honored with a pizza party to keep it equal and fair. The value behind all this is not the pizza party. It is not the teacher’s or myself. It is the children and the memories they now have and the future they all look forward too. We joined hands as adult’s that truly care, the owners of the pizza shop the teacher’s and I. After I explain what my intentions were, but keeping in mind that my son was just as valuable as any other student or child. He left great memories to many at that school. He had the best intentions with his life – I needed to make sure that all those children that didn’t understand why Luis is gone, understood that sometimes God want’s it to be that way. They needed to understand that everything will be okay and that they all needed to work together as a team no matter what and ultimately they needed to keep creating great memories and more importantly focus on their future.

Their future is based on the education level to reach and how they apply what they learn then and now . We can not wait to teach our youth the education is important but maintaining a sense of unity and spirituality is vital. Showing children that sticking together, doing what needs to be done, whether it is fun or not is required in life. We are their teacher’s before we are their friends. But we can not be their friends if we are going to be bad teachers.

I let them all know that what I do in memory of my son Luis breaks my heart but it also brings me joy, because though I have lost him physically he is always with me in spirit. I was blessed with the strength to help many other children and young adults too in so many way’s imaginable. I believe that though God had the master plan of taking my son – he wanted me to show other’s including children that his power to overcome the worst is possible. I will bless other’s with my blessing and the lord will continue to bless me. It is important to instill the most positive attitude into our children and all whom surround us. I always say NO I am not perfect but I am also not confused. I just make mistakes as all humans do. The difference is recognizing when you do and taking responsibility for your own actions.
Maybe Luis could be here with me today – maybe he could have received better health care, but the fact is he is not and that is not what happened. I now have to live to care for my younger son Nathean and make sure that I do not let what did transpire rot my heart and continue to care for other’s as I always did. I will continue to be their for children, families and my community. Most of all my family and friends. I refuse to let toxic people impair my decisions or my life. I was challenge before, it is almost impossible now. I use the power of prayer and meditation and when you do that so much is revealed to you that many will run away from you, not because it is bad you, but because it is bad for them. In the end it all works out for you. Stay strong, positive, bless others and you will be blessed!

Pyne Arts Magnet Students -  Myself and some of the students that participated in the fundraiser.

Pyne Arts Magnet Students – Myself and some of the students that participated in the fundraiser.

I just shared a piece of my journey both past and present. It will be scattered on a daily basis. Through my unbroken VOICE you will discover a variety of thoughts, personal experiences, some secrets and ultimately my inner and VOICE. Feel free to go to “Submit A Post Page” and share your thougths and or questions there.

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