Students Fundraising For The Future

This photo was captured in March of 2010 at the PYNE ARTS MAGNET School. These are the students that won the pizza party for raising the most pennies in their class room. The pizza was complements of Brothers pizza in Lowell – A pizza shop both my son Luis and I visited quite often. They were very generous and supported the foundation and understood the cause behind the fundraiser. They appreciated that someone they watched growing up was helping other children with scholarships for their future and donated 15 pizza’s to the winning class room’s. We had 3 levels so we needed to make we had enough for all of them. So many students eagerly participated in raising the pennies for the cause. We had 3 winning class rooms – but all the children tried very hard and were all recognized for their hard work and participation. They continue to participate each year, however, as a school. They have one container in the building that all the student’s and teacher’s drop their pennies from heaven in. There was so many that the principal thought it would be better for the school this way and all the students are honored with a pizza party to keep it equal and fair. The value behind all this is not the pizza party. It is not the teacher’s or myself. It is the children and the memories they now have and the future they all look forward too. We joined hands as adult’s that truly care, the owners of the pizza shop the teacher’s and I. After I explain what my intentions were, but keeping in mind that my son was just as valuable as any other student or child. He left great memories to many at that school. He had the best intentions with his life – I needed to make sure that all those children that didn’t understand why Luis is gone, understood that sometimes God want’s it to be that way. They needed to understand that everything will be okay and that they all needed to work together as a team no matter what and ultimately they needed to keep creating great memories and more importantly focus on their future.

Their future is based on the education level to reach and how they apply what they learn then and now . We can not wait to teach our youth the education is important but maintaining a sense of unity and spirituality is vital. Showing children that sticking together, doing what needs to be done, whether it is fun or not is required in life. We are their teacher’s before we are their friends. But we can not be their friends if we are going to be bad teachers.

I let them all know that what I do in memory of my son Luis breaks my heart but it also brings me joy, because though I have lost him physically he is always with me in spirit. I was blessed with the strength to help many other children and young adults too in so many way’s imaginable. I believe that though God had the master plan of taking my son – he wanted me to show other’s including children that his power to overcome the worst is possible. I will bless other’s with my blessing and the lord will continue to bless me. It is important to instill the most positive attitude into our children and all whom surround us. I always say NO I am not perfect but I am also not confused. I just make mistakes as all humans do. The difference is recognizing when you do and taking responsibility for your own actions.
Maybe Luis could be here with me today – maybe he could have received better health care, but the fact is he is not and that is not what happened. I now have to live to care for my younger son Nathean and make sure that I do not let what did transpire rot my heart and continue to care for other’s as I always did. I will continue to be their for children, families and my community. Most of all my family and friends. I refuse to let toxic people impair my decisions or my life. I was challenge before, it is almost impossible now. I use the power of prayer and meditation and when you do that so much is revealed to you that many will run away from you, not because it is bad you, but because it is bad for them. In the end it all works out for you. Stay strong, positive, bless others and you will be blessed!

Pyne Arts Magnet Students -  Myself and some of the students that participated in the fundraiser.

Pyne Arts Magnet Students – Myself and some of the students that participated in the fundraiser.

I just shared a piece of my journey both past and present. It will be scattered on a daily basis. Through my unbroken VOICE you will discover a variety of thoughts, personal experiences, some secrets and ultimately my inner and VOICE. Feel free to go to “Submit A Post Page” and share your thougths and or questions there.

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