About SITO Foundation

Michelle is founder of SITO Foundation Scholarship Organization – It is a non-profit organization that was put in place in memory of her son Luis S. Espinoza Jr., who passed away unexpectedly in 2009 – Luis’ nick name was Sito – Michelle then decided to name the foundation exactly that. He was also known as Big Lou, Poncho, and very well known for his big heart, warm hugs, and lovely smile. You can learn more about the The SITO Foundation by visiting: http://www.SITOFOUNDATION.org – The initials stand for: “S.trive – I.ntelligence – T.hrough – O.riginality” Michelle came up with these definitions using his nick name and carefully considering Luis’ personality – This was one of the most devastating moments of her life and creating this foundation is another way Michelle is able to help others through her loss.

Here you will learn that after that transpired Michelle has been able to overcome the biggest challenge a mother could ever face – The loss of a child! It is not something that anyone can explain. It is something that must be lived, however, is not desired for anyone.

The strength Michelle prayed for as a believer was and is granted daily and the foundation in place has been a blessing to many other young adult’s in memory of her son Luis, who was just 16 years old.


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