About Michelle


For starters my name is Michelle Rivera of Lowell, MA. I am 38 years old and I am a proud mother, daughter and wife. I have a strong family and great friends. I can’t leave out my lovely boxer Haley whom I have had in my life for 6 years now. My background varies over the years on a professional level but it is based on providing client and customer service. The high school I attended, I majored in home interior decorating and fashion design along with academics. I then became certified in the health care field providing assistance to the elderly and home health care to disabled individuals. I was a waitress and bartender for a couple years when I was a single mom to my first born Luis and before I met my husband Edwin, just to make ends meet. I then decided to become a licensed home based day care provider when I learned I was expecting my second child Nathean.  I provided that service to my community for a total 9 years. When Nathean started school I knew I wanted to do something else that would allow me to be directly involved with my community again and that could help other’s accomplish their goals. That is when I joined a group of trainees that were becoming loan originators and practiced providing that service for less than a year. I then discovered that I was more interested in the real estate aspect of it and took the classes to become a sales associate and here I am. I am a Real Estate Sales Consultant for RE/MAX Prestige. I joined the firm in January of 2006. The first 6 months of being licensed I wet my feet with a small local company known as Homeland Realty and immediately knew I wanted more…

Though I have been in real estate through a challenging economy, I have been able to help many in my community and surrounding neighbors overcome the challenge of home buying and selling. I have not given up and I don’t allow my clients to give up either. I am always sharing some words of encouragement to keep them focused on their blessing. I  have seen the worst of my days and keep my head up and always try to instill that upon other’s too. That said, I can truly say Real Estate sales and the many things it entails is my passion. I have seen better days but I try to practice the no complaining rule. I believe what you speak out into existence is delivered. So, I’m always on the staying positive hype no matter what.

I am founder of a non profit scholarship foundation for graduating students of the greater Lowell technical high school ( VOKE ) that provides selected students with a scholarship when taking off to what is another milestone in their life, college, and to assist them with some financial freedom. This organization is a non profit organization in memory of my Son, Luis S. Espinoza Jr. The SITO Foundation hold’s annual fundraisers ever since his passing in order to raise the funds that are given to the recipients. I also help St Patrick’s Church of Lowell by participating with community events in order to raise funds fr the parish, and a number of other charity events to help other families with in the community too…

Some of the things that I enjoy doing is, dining and dancing – cooking and entertaining – I’m always looking forward to learning new things that I can apply to my life and will improve it. I ultimately love spending quality time with my family and friends. When I am alone, I read, write and hang out with my Haley!

I have gained recognition for many accomplishments in my life but that is not what I am really about. Those were just as a result of all my hard work and because I enjoy helping others. I am competitive but not that way. I am always seeking to do better than I did the last time around, if you know what I mean. Yes it is a pleasure to be noticed but I don’t feel that mentioning that is going to help you understand who I really am. I don’t like to compare because I don’t know what anyone else is or has gone through, though I too have been through horrible incidents. I have just tried to reflect from them, learn, and improve myself and I don’t expect anyone to know or understand them.

I have done things like talk shows on a local TV show to help other’s repair their credit – I have spoken on a local radio show that encouraged the listener’s to reach out to the services the community has to offer if they found themselves in a bind. I also offer my services to home owners in the Middlesex and Essex County that are facing what is known as a common challenge today, Foreclosure. I encourage them these homeowner’s to do what is a known as a Short Sale, if they owe more on their home than what it’s worth and are in default with their mortgage. I also continue to help and guide my community and neighbor’s in many ways, that includes and is not limited to, directing them to reputable financial institutions, loss mitigation specialist, attorneys, down payment assistance programs, housing agencies, fuel assistance, family and child services, and a number of other local programs that offer professional service’s and assistance to improve their daily life. I have and will go that extra mile to help others by educating them with what I have already learned. I also try to make myself available to others that are facing other challenges and hardship in their life. It has always been food for my soul to do such a deed and in the end the reward is another happy person, which for me, has more value than money can ever have any day!

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