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Welcome to my blog – where I will share my journey both past and present. Through my unbroken VOICE you will discover a variety of thoughts, personal experiences, some secrets and ultimately my inner and unbroken VOICE.

I created this blog some time ago and continued to work on it little by little. With my hands always full I would stay up late nights trying to figure out how I could do it correctly and get what I wanted to get across with out making any mistakes. Then I realized, that was not going to happen because I am not perfect and that is one of the many points I so wanted to make. So I am just going to share what I have created and will continue to add along the way…I will write and share a lifetime of stories, episodes, challenges and mile- stones and what I learned and continue to learn from them daily too… It will include things that have transpired in my life and in all areas. Starting from my childhood and young adulthood to women hood and motherhood. It will also include both personal and professional challenges and growth.

My reason for writing is for my own therapy, my intention in sharing what I write is with the expectation of inspiring others.  In sharing  the many fortunate and unfortunate situations and circumstances that have taken place in my life, my readers may learn what I have learned and may practice what I practice and ultimately it may help in improving their own life.  Embracing what I share with out taking it personal and understanding that you too can do that the same as I by simply applying some simple but vital beliefs  that I have learned along my journey to have a more peaceful mind  and yet a bold  inner voice.

The main secret is you! It is the VOICE within you. The VOICE that most times many and I mean many think and also title others as being crazy. You are not crazy. Actually we are only fools for not believing that, that inner and secret voice, is simply your conscious and what I believe to be your higher power and others the universe both revealing and guiding you. It is clear to me and to many other’s that believe, that when we don’t follow or listen to our secret voice, we may end up doubting and or over analyse. Followed by accusing other’s for the results in their life and listening to all the noise instead. All of which leads to natural disaster, but with in the human nature. These are the vicious cycles that many continue to have in their life. The cycles that are created by the people that they chose to be surrounded by daily, because it is easier to follow and believe the noise, than it is the inner VOICE.

This may not sound like anything new to many, but many people write books and by all means great books that make a lot of sense and a lot of money to boot – but many of them neglect to share where the real power resides. Many have great concepts’ and I truly both appreciate and understand most of it – what I don’t understand is why they feel threaten by saying that they too are believers, that they too seek spirituality, visit churches with families, and know that the concepts they have learned, share or teach came from the bible. It has come to my understanding that they want to try and gain credit and make money as if it was their discovery. True inspirational writers and speakers admit and preach the truth about what they have learned and are called to share. With all this said, I will share that I know very little, but enough of it and that is why I understand most times. I am not a preacher and I am far from perfect. I will, however, show you that once again the secret VOICE is with in and you may or may not have been following it for a very long time. You may and may have not even looked it up, read into it, and didn’t really understand it so you didn’t even take the time to really practice and or appreciate it.

Now is the time to evaluate your inner and secret voice and then you may understand why the many different results for the many different situations in your life.

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